Team Technical kami berpengalaman di bidang Maintenance / Survey & Repairing Service untuk alat - alat Automation.

Services :
1) Engine Room & Pump Room Bilge Alarm Monitor System, Oily Water Separator & 15 PPM Monitor System.
2) ODME / Oil Mist Detector Monitor System.
3) Engine Room / Pump Room Pressure, Temperature & Level Controller & Control Valves (Pneumatic & Electronic ) Servicing & Calibration.
4) Boiler Automatic Combustion, Burner Management, Feed Water Level Control & Safety Alarm /Trip System. Boiler Spare Parts Supply.
5) Main Engine Remote Control & Aux Engine Control, Alarm Monitoring & Safety Devices. Engine Room Alarm Monitoring system
6) Main Switchboard Troubleshooting, AVR Control System, Main Switchboard Synchronizing.
7) IGG, IGS & O² Analyzer, Fire Alarm Monitor System.
8) Tank Level Gauge & Draft Level Monitoring System, Cargo Tank High/High-High Level Control.
9) Cargo Pump Control / Trip system, COP Temperature Monitoring System, Pump Room COP pressure Remote Indication System etc.
10) Water Ballast & Cargo Hydraulic Valve Control System; Deck Hydraulic Crane & Winch control System, Crane load test, Load cell calibration, etc.
11) Cargo Pump Auto Unloading System (Vacuum Stripping System), COP stripping Control and Stroke Counter etc.
12) CPP, Bow Thruster, Steering Gear Control, Duckpellar /Hydraulic control System, all type of tug boat electro-hydraulic steering control system etc.
13) Fixed & Portable Gas Detection System, Calibration of all types of Portable Gas detectors, MMC Ullage Tape, Hermatic Ullage.
14) M/E & Aux/E F/O Viscosity & Temperature Control System, F/O & Lube Oil Purifier Control.
15) Supply and Servicing of All types of Pressure / Temperature Transmitters, Controllers, etc.
16) Supply of all types of reconditioned marine instruments such as Pressure/ Temperature Controller, Oil Mist Detectors, 15 PPM Bilge Monitor, DP Cell (Transmitter) for Boiler Water Level Control, Air Flow Control etc.
17) Calibration service for all types of pressure, level, and temperature gauges, transmitters, controllers, recorders, etc.

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