Automation Control, Calibration & Sensor.

Testing & Calibration of all Automation System & Equipment this include Portable Gas Detectors, UTI Tapes, MMC Tapes, Multimeter & Other Portable Measurement / Test Equipment landed or performed offshore at Anchorage.

Engine Room / Machinery Equipment & System :

• Boiler Control Systems / Automatic Combustion Control Systems
• Main Engine Pneumatic Control Systems (WABCO / NABCO)
• Inert Gas Systems and Inert Gas Generators

• Engine Room Alarm Monitoring Systems
• Fuel Oil Viscosity Control, Viscotherm and Viscosense Systems
• Shaft RPM, Power & Torque Measuring Systems
• 15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitors & Oily Water Separators (OWS)
• Control Valves & Valve Positioners
• Temperature and Pressure Control Loops
• Engine Oil Mist Detection Systems
• Engine Oil Mist Detection Systems
• Bow Thruster Controls and Steering Gear Systems
• A/Es' / Generator control
• Tank Radar Overhaul

• All type of PLC and Programs