Control System Damaged ( Servo Card Board ).
Card Board Repaired, Re Calibrated, & Synchronizing.
Bow Thruster Repair Services.

Our scope service for Automation :

MMC Portable Tank Gauges
Bilge Alarm Monitors & Oily Water Separators
Fuel Oil Viscosity Control & Viscotherm Systems
Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control Systems (ODME)
Shaft Power & Torque Measuring Systems
Control Valves & Regulators

Fixed Gas Detection Systems and Portable Gas Detectors
Pressure, Level, Temperature & Flow monitoring Equipment & Systems
Mechanical / Electrical / Electro-Pneumatic Tank Level Gauging Systems
Engine Oil Mist Detection Systems
Vibration & Displacement Monitoring Systems
Fire Alarm Systems
Pneumatic & Electronic Transmitters, Controllers, Recorders, Valve Positioners
Solenoid Valves, Control Valves, Actuators
Water Ingress Detection Systems and De-Watering Systems
Digital and Analog Alarm Annunciators, and Custom Alarm Panels
Control Panel Design/Engineering and Supply
Main Engine Pneumatic Control Systems
Circuit Breakers and Electrical Control Equipment / Switchgear
Cargo Pump Bearing Temperature Monitoring Systems
Pump Room Automatic Unloading System
Engine Room Alarm Systems
Tank Systems Hermetic UTI Portable Tank Gauging Units
Torque Wrenches, Micrometers, Multimeters, etc
Bow / Stern Thruster Control
All type PLC Programs

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